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We are an interior design service based on large-scale art and custom design solutions. We bring large-format prints & murals of local color to Hospitality, Residential and Office applications. We also offer a complimentary Interior Design Consultation with each inquiry and also manage your canvas or mural print order.

ATTENTION:: coming 2019 :: 4K superHD, unlimited detail cityscapes.


The best ART & DESIGN team this side of City Hall.

Bringing backgrounds in art & design, research & resourcing and planning & programming to super-solutions for your business or home. Whether Photo canvases, spaceplanning, retail design, seasonal decor or corporate graphic/info-signage, we've got you covered.

What a Design Team!


Jeff Kress

Photographer & Graphic Artist

Architectural Photography
Print Order Management
Graphic Design
Design Consultation
Office planning & programming
Office Photography


Jen Valenti

Design & Sourcing

Design Consultation
Office planning & programming
Research & Reporting
Materials/Fixtures Sourcing


Lauren Culligan

A.A.S. Interior Design, F.I.T., Manhattan

Interior Design
Design Consultation
Graphic Design
Office planning & programming
Retail space planning & signage
Event & Residential decor

Prestigious Printables.

ATTENTION:: coming 2019 :: 4K superHD, unlimited detail cityscapes.

We offer large-scale, locally-harvested, original architectural photography, (or of your hotel or office building) with optional colorways, as Canvas-on-Frame (wrap-around edge) prints up to 24"x36" and also laminated, UV-proof color prints on 1/2" black mounting up to large size 40x80". Both are lightweight and easy to maneuver. Sample specs & cost for most popular items below.

  • 24 x 36" CANVAS
  • 3' in length or width
  • lightweight
  • wrap-around edge
  • Original Photography
  • $249 +tx

    Partner Coupon available!
  • 40" x 80" JUMBO PRINT
  • 6' in length or width
  • lightweight
  • 1/2" black foam mount
  • UV lamination
  • $499 +tx

    Partner Coupon available!

We can also arrange artworks to be applied as decal mural, filling larger spaces/walls. We also offer smaller, gift-size print-on-metal and also printed decor pillows. Details coming soon.


Please email for inquiry & to arrange a meeting to view your Art & Design needs...

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